Flowers are expressions of love, my dear

As my mother was helping to clean out her parents’ estate, she came across an old wrinkled napkin with a simple phrase penned across it:

“Flowers are expressions of love, my dear”

At some point during their more than five decades of marriage, my grandfather wrote this sentiment to my grandmother, more than likely accompanied with a hand picked bouquet of wild flowers from their East Tennessee farm.

I’ve framed that little wrinkled napkin, placing it on one of my living rooms walls. It reminds me daily that what I do is more than just arranging flowers. The heart of my work is a sentiment of beauty, a celebration of caring and an expression of love. Flowers have this amazing power to completely transform a space, or even a heart. As people come to celebrate their life’s most beautiful moments, I want them to feel that tangible sense of love and loveliness with those they have gathered with.

As I started my business, I couldn’t have designed a more perfect thought to represent my philosophy for what I do. It’s just amazing to think that so many years ago, this little seed of a thought was planted, and now grows with me daily as the heart of my business.

It’s just a little phrase on an old napkin, but I treasure the words and cherish the memories of those who helped build who I am today.

Heather Seals