Favorite Ivory + White Blooms For Weddings

For a timeless and classic look, there's nothing quite like an all white bouquet. But classic doesn't have to be boring! Here are some of my favorite blooms for adding incredible aromas, texture and impact to a timelessly lovely palette:




Ranunculus are an all time fave among many brides. Their super high petal count, and delicate softness add the perfect kind of luxe to bouquets. They're available year round, though the largest and highest quality blooms are found in early spring + summer. They make for the sweetest bouts, are wonderful in bouquets, and are even great as single accent stems in petite glass vases.



For a splash of boldness, anemones add the perfect bit of drama to any arrangement. The contrast between dark bold center and delicate outer petals makes anemones one of the most striking white blooms. They're wonderful for adding a touch of boho, or deepening the tone within an arrangement. 



Though it may have the ugliest name in the history of flowers, scabiosa makes up for it by being one of the loveliest little texture blooms. With delicate outer petals and a berry like center, scabiosa is wonderful for adding dimension and movement within a bouquet. They have a mind of their own, but for loose, asymmetrical designs they add they perfect bit of levity and wildness.  



Waxflower is the perfect "filler" flower for brides looking for an alternative to baby's breath. It has very hardy, petite blooms perfect for accents in bouts, corsages or floral crowns. It's extremely versatile functioning well in both formal and more rustic designs as a textural element. Bonus: it also smells like juicy fruit.



For a bold, fragrant focal flower it's hard to beat garden roses. They are an amazing substitute for peonies, which they are often mistaken for! And unlike peonies, they are available year round for weddings in any season.



If you are wanting to incorporate fragrance into your bouquet, tuberose is an excellent option! Simple, clean clusters of blooms are perfect for "breaking the line" in designs while adding texture and dimension. 

Heather Seals